This is pretty much me - barefooted, long skirts, messy hair loving on my kids as much as humanly possible! 

Everywhere I look in everyday life I can see magic - and feel so lucky to do so! The everyday, natural moments in a family life contain so many special little snippets each day to be so open and aware of them is such a superpower. 

I naturally see the world in images and think in poetry (or song, which drives the men in the family crazy!)

Through high-school I studied photography and  in the last 7 years been apart of a photography academy, but it wasn't til I had my kids did I really shoot with intention - and it was a game changer!


I am a story teller  - I capture emotion and connection, an image will never be just an image  - it's a little frozen moment in time interlaced with a rich history and a web of often loved up connection - - - This is my Jam!